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Court appearance on Monday for teenager facing burglary charges

There are many different things that can lead to a person’s arrest. Sometimes it’s eyewitness testimony that can point a finger at a certain individual matching that description. In other instances, it can be evidence left at the scene that prompt police to follow a certain lead.

But it was a video from a home security tape that led to the arrest of an 18-year-old teenager who was then charged with burglary. The video was released to the public after the family’s Harris County home had been burglarized. According to the news report, the family did not know that someone had broken into their home until the next morning.

Doctor facing drug charges temporarily suspended from practice

Making sure you have a good defense strategy in place can make a big difference when facing criminal charges. It may not seem necessary, especially if the charges don’t appear to be as serious when compared with other charges. But a conviction will likely have serious implications.

When most people think about penalties for a criminal conviction, they usually think of a prison sentence or probation. Other common penalties can include a fine and community service. But what people don’t commonly think of is how a conviction will impact their professional life.

Allegations against Cedar Park shop owner lead to charges

It’s not always a police report that launches an investigation into criminal activities. For one auto shop owner, complaints from former customers have resulted in two felony charges being brought against him. Now the owner will eventually have to appear in court.

According to police there were dozens of other consumers who were unhappy with the service. In addition, records show that there had been a number of disturbances at the repair shop, instances where police had to come and intervene.

Jury sentences Dallas woman after manslaughter conviction

Criminal convictions have the ability to change a life forever, especially if the sentence includes serving time in prison. For one woman, the next 20 years will be far different from what her life may have been: she has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after being convicted of manslaughter.

Nearly a year after the incident, a jury delivered the sentence. The trial was no doubt emotionally draining for all involved. The woman had initially been charged after running over her cousin with a vehicle; her cousin was killed.

Serious criminal charge brought against South by Southwest driver

No doubt many in Texas have been following the story about the incident that occurred at South By Southwest earlier this month. The week-long festival in Austin is a mixture of music, interactive and film events that attracts people from all over the country. But a drunk driving accident was what many people remember.

According to investigators, the young man had been driving in downtown Austin when he tried to get away from a police officer. After the police officer gave chase, the man turned his vehicle and drove through a gas station parking lot. The car continued down a one-way street and into a street where many South by Southwest attendees were gathered.

2 facing drug charges after seizure of THC candy in Corinth

In some parts of the country, marijuana and other products containing THC have been legalized and are readily available in significant amounts to adult consumers. However, this is not the case in Texas. If you were to legally purchase marijuana in another state and then bring the drug to Texas, then you could still face serious charges, especially if the amount of marijuana seized calls for a charge of intent to deliver.

A Frisco woman and a Denton man are facing marijuana-related charges after police in Corinth confiscated what they say is THC-laced candy. According to a police spokesperson, the 20-year-old woman was found to be in possession of candy bars, gummy bears, soft drinks and other candies -- all of which reportedly tested positive for THC.

Prescription drugs the new heroin? Spike in use seen in Texas

Federal agents may be on the alert in Texas, specifically with regards to drug trafficking. More recently, there has been an increase in heroin trafficking. But agents are also seeing more incidents involving prescription drugs, causing a growing concern among parents.

One school in Dallas has reported a number of Xanax-related overdose situations that involved students. There’s no information in the CBS article itself as to why prescription drug abuse is becoming more popular. But officials are certain that greater amounts of prescription drugs are appearing throughout the state.

Driving while impaired by a sleeping pill can lead to charges

When you think of the phrase “drugged driving charges”, what drugs do you think are included in that term? Some that come to mind are marijuana, cocaine and even prescription drugs. While these might be the more common drugs associated with drugged driving charges, one recent case shows that even legal drugs taken legally by an individual can result in drugged driving charges.

An incident that occurred back in 2012 led to driving while impaired charges filed against Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. The high-profile nature of the case drew media attention from across the nation. Just today, it was announced that she was found not guilty of the charges.

Tour bus driver will not face criminal charges in Texas crash

Sometimes a tragic traffic accident will occur in Texas that injures or kills one or more individuals. However, it is important to examine all aspects of the case before criminally charging a driver who may not have been at fault.

Texas dad facing DUI charges after deadly accident

A Texas father is facing DUI charges after a deadly accident that claimed the life of his 4-year old son. Specifically, the man will be facing charges of aggravated DUI and reckless homicide. Tragically, the young boy was ejected from the rear window of the car at the moment of impact. The child was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

According to the accident report, the wife and other children were in the car at the time of the supposed drunk driving accident. The family was driving to visit family for the holidays when the car reportedly struck a guardrail twice. Even though the child was ejected from the car immediately, the dad supposedly drove four more exits before stopping to survey the damage. It was then that the parents are said to have noticed that the child was missing from the car.

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